Physical Education and Activities

Physical Education

Daily physical education is an integral part of Oakland School’s mission to develop the whole child. Physical education is a unique discipline in that it can, in a single class period, stimulate the concurrent development of a student’s physical, mental and emotional health. Each student has one 35 minute P.E. class each day. The Physical Education classes are taught by a licensed teacher certified in physical education and health. Classes are differentiated to include and encourage students of all abilities. Units are designed to increase movement, build skills and confidence, and inspire students to be active and engaged beyond the gymnasium.
Units include:

  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Softball
  • Tennis
  • Hiking

In addition to thematic physical education units, students participate in a variety of games and activities that promote exercise and health. Activities include bowling, skating, and more. Furthermore, all students participate in the National Presidential Physical Fitness Screening and Awards. For more information, visit


In conjunction with daily Physical Education classes, all students participate in a five-six week Health course. Key concepts include nutrition, exercise, disease, wellness and hygiene. Instruction is differentiated to include information for students at all levels and ages. All courses focus on developing healthy habits that include feeling better, doing better and being better!

Movement: Validated by research, we know that movement encourages optimal learning. In addition to daily P.E. classes, students spend as much as an hour of their day in motion. The structure of Oakland’s campus and grounds promotes healthy habits. Students transition from class to class, and often building to building, a minimum of ten times each day. This movement in between classes allows students to increase oxygen intake, revitalize blood flow and prime the brain to store and retrieve information.


The amount and variety of activities offered at Oakland are endless. Oakland’s grounds include a rural 450-acre setting with rolling hills, creeks and ponds, and numerous walking and horseback riding trails. Students participate in horseback riding , swimming, fishing, camping, hiking, tennis, basketball, archery, drama and more.

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